Welcome to Shaka Cases! Based out of sunny Los Angeles, California, our brand was built to serve our customers with what we believe to be the #1 iPhone Battery Case on the market! We truly want to get this case onto every iPhone in America, allowing everyone to cruise through their day without the scary thought of running out of battery. On top of that, we want our cases to be a reminder of our brand motto and Shaka lifestyle. (Read More Below)

Serving Our Lifestyle

🤙🏼 Shaka, pronounced "shaa·kuh," is most commonly known as the hand gesture. Here at Shaka Cases, Shaka means to live life to its fullest, treat everyone with love and respect, and tackle every situation with strength and positivity. Through our brand, you will not only be served an amazing product but also a reminder to tackle through life with a "shaka" mentality.